Skiing General Quotes

Inspirational Skiing General Quotes for Athletes

If you don't do it this year you will be one year older when you do.

- Warren Miller
Cooking is like snow skiing: If you don't fall at least 10 times, then you're not skiing hard enough.

- Guy Fieri
I was lucky enough that my parents knew about World Cup skiing, so since I was really little, we were watching World Cup winning runs.

- Mikaela Shiffrin
Anything that involves the outdoors I'm all about, whether it be skiing, snowboarding, wakesurfing to mountain-biking. Anything that gets me outside.

- Daniel Cudmore
Cross country skiing is great if you live in a small country.

- Steven Wright
In the winter, I enjoy cross-country skiing and raising orchids and amaryllises. If I could grow tropical flowers as perennials, I would, especially hibiscus and mandavilla.

- Diane Ackerman
It is better to go skiing and think of God, than go to church and think of sport.

- Fridtjof Nansen
Skiing combines outdoor fun with knocking down trees with your face.

- Dave Barry
The first time I ever saw snow skis was when I was 62 years old and that was 19 years ago and I'm still skiing. So, we'll be skiing with some very close friends of the Carter Center letting them know what the Carter Center is doing around the world. We have programs in over 65 countries.

- Jimmy Carter
I love skiing fast. You're going 80 to 85 m.p.h. down an icy slope, and I love it.

- Lindsey Vonn
I do uphill skiing; I don't do downhill skiing. I think that's for nerd amateurs.

- Judah Friedlander
When I started to sing, my mother would have me engaged to perform at the Women's Christian Temperance Union national or annual meetings. I would hate doing this because I wanted to play baseball or go off skiing.

- Maureen Forrester
When I was born, my parents were huge into skiing. I grew up on Mont Blanc, skiing on that hill. I was really a ski baby. Loved it; I still love it.

- Patrick Chan
I didn't start skiing until I was 50. My wife Lois taught me how to ski. I'm proficiently conservative.

- Buzz Aldrin
I love skiing, I love the sun, I love my children, I love my grandchildren, I love my family and friends... and whatever I haven't done.

- Donna Karan
There are not many places in the world where you can get to the beach in an hour, the desert in two hours and snowboarding or skiing in three hours. You can do all that in California.

- Alex Pettyfer
I think the Winter Olympics are definitely on a smaller scale than the summer games, but with the inclusion of cool new sports like slope style skiing and snowboarding, it is going to breathe new life into them and attract a whole new crowd.

- Nick Goepper
If you like the outdoors, Colorado is a big adventure playground for adults: it's great for skiing, cycling, climbing, and hiking.

- Tyler Hamilton
In winter I go skiing on Saturdays and Sundays when the slopes are quieter due to changeover day for tourists, and in summer I hike up into the mountains at sunset, just as the village is settling down to dinner.

- Vanessa Mae
I don't like bungee jumping, but I do like skiing.

- Roger Moore