Rowing Famous Players Quotes

Inspirational Rowing Famous Players Quotes for Athletes

There's way more pressure cooking for cooks than rowing at the Olympics.

- Bryan Volpenhein
There's something very compelling about a sport where when all is said and done your sheer willpower to push harder than the other team is what ultimately decides the closest of the contests.

- David H. Vogel
Mileage makes champions.

- Steve Fairbairn
On race day, there's tremendous anxiety. Leading up to the stake boat, I distinctly remember saying to myself, 'I can't wait till this is over.'

- Frank Shields
I think I have experience in rowing, and that has given me some ability to go about racing. I'm lucky genetically. I have a good VO2 max - I can hold a lot of air in my lungs - and that definitely helps.

- Bryan Volpenhein
A rower knows the underlying presence that moves a boat; it is quite simply force and energy. The force needs to be penetrating, and the energy needs to be driving and uninhibited.

- Drew Ginn